Weight of Stone: Book Two of the Vineart War (Vineart War (Paperback))

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Tensions are running high as the homesteading population grows, crowding the native lands, and suspicions rise But now she's not only being seen, she's getting involved. Recent attacks against nonhuman Fatae have escalated into hate crimes against magic users in general—humans included.

With the Mage Council distracted by internal power struggles, Wren is guilted into stepping up as spokesperson for the fragilely united Fatae and lonejack communities….

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And, because the cosmos deems her without enough compli She's still Manhattan's most sought-after Retriever, but after last year's deadly confrontation with the Silence, all this magic-user wants is a break. With her apartment going co-op and her relationship with the demon P. Not likely. Because when you're good, trouble always finds you She'd agreed to a bargain with one supersecret magic-watching outfit to protect her and her partner on their last job.

But now the Silence is trying to wedge them apart.

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On the one hand, ever since she and Sergei began to talk about their "relationship," things have been tricky. On the other, though… Well, no one better try to stand between Wren and Sergei when danger i Now Jan has a new deadline—ten weeks, ten days and ten hours.

That's when the truce she arranged between our world and the elves' realm ends, and the invasion starts. While supernatural creatures work to defend humanity, Jan and the kelpie Ma Wren Valere used to have a simple life. Paycheck deposited, on to the next job.

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Her relationship with Sergei is even more complicated sex will do that. Her fellow lonejacks are trying to organize against the Mage's Council. But their abuse of power caused a demigod to break the Vine, shattering the power of the mages.

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Now, fourteen centuries later, it is the humble Vinearts who hold the secret of crafting spells from wines, the source of magic, and they are prohibited from holding power. Hoping to keep herself occupied, Wren takes a job— but what should have been an ordinary Retrieval instead forces her to realize that it is time to do more. It is time for the Cosa to ta It starts as a simple job -- but simple jobs, when you're dealing with the magical world, often end up anything but. As a Retriever, Wren Valere specializes in finding things gone missing -- and then bringing them back, no questions asked.

Normally her job is stimulating, challenging and only a little bit dangerous. But every once in a while. Case in point: A cornerstone containing a sp Learned a lot.

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And not all of it's been good. Men of honor and magic have died unnatural deaths. Slaves flee in terror. Are the silent gods beginning to speak? Or is another force at work in the Lands Vin?

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Book 2:Weight of Stone

Laura Anne Gilman's critically acclaimed, Nebula Award-nominated Flesh and Fire introduced a brilliantly imagined world where the grapevine - cultivated by the Vinearts who know the secrets of wine magic - holds together disparate lands. Now, confusion, violence, and terror are sweeping over the Lands Vin. And four people are at the center of a storm. Jerzy, Vineart apprentice and former slave, was sent by his master to investigate strange happenings - and found himself the target of betrayal.

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  • Now he must set out on his own journey, to find the source of the foul taint that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.