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Biggest flop: Oscar — Sly tries his hand at comedy with predictable and hilarious results. If Sylvester Stallone was an animal, he'd be Biggest flop: End of Days — Only the millenium bug itself was more underwhelming than this cusp-of-the-millenium supernatural thriller. Interesting fact: Um, er, no, despite Arnie releasing a page autobiography in , nothing springs to mind. Biggest flop: With over film credits but few standout success stories, there are plenty to choose from. Swamp Shark , anyone?

Academy Awards: None. Interesting fact: He pinched his third wife, fashion model Christine Bolster, off long-time friend and The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke. First film appearance: Macbeth — Grammer played the Scottish thane, Lennox no, me neither. Biggest flop: Down Periscope — slapstick comedy which proves why Grammer should have stuck to Cheers and Frasier.

If Kelsey Grammer was an animal, he'd be Biggest flop: No major flops, but his comeback film The Beaver saw him spend the majority of his screentime with an arm in a beaver puppet. Interesting fact: Mel has a horseshoe kidney or super kidney , meaning his kidneys are fused together. It may or may not be the source of his power. If Mel Gibson was an animal, he'd be First film appearance: A View to a Kill — memorably filling out the generic henchman role often parodied in Austin Powers. Nobody bothered to find out if that was true.

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Interesting fact: Lundgren is quite the intellectual, with three degrees — one in chemistry and the other two in chemical engineering. If Dolph Lundgren was an animal, he'd be Best known for playing: Zorro, as in The Mask of, in Biggest flop: The 13th Warrior — co-star Omar Sharif was so embarrassed by the film he quit acting altogether.

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If Antonio Banderas was an animal, he'd be First film appearance: Wildcats — Snipes plays Trumaine in this American football comedy, in which the big 'joke' is that a woman Goldie Hawn applies to be a football coach. Biggest flop: Boiling Point — in which he plays police officer Jimmy Mercer, who must stop two murderous sociopaths who try to take on the police.

The Expendables/The Expendables 2/The Expendables 3 (Digital Copy)

Amazingly, he co-starred with Viggo Mortensen. Interesting fact: He has a black belt in two different types of martial art: Karate and Hapkido. If Wesley Snipes was an animal, he'd be Biggest flop: War — Jet Li and Jason Statham ride out the cliches in an action movie by numbers.

Interesting fact: Despite his intense martial arts skills, Jet Li claims to believe that the greatest weapon of all is a smile. He turned down a starring role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon because his wife was pregnant.

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Interesting fact: Randy Couture is his real name. Apparently Horny Garment was already taken. If Randy Couture was an animal, he'd be Best known for playing: the same character in every film. Interesting fact: Statham used to be a professional diver and competed for England at the Commonwealth Games.

If Jason Statham was an animal he'd be Number of marriages: One 25 years and still going strong. Other Expendables, take note. First film appearance: The 6th Day — ah, an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Start as you mean to go on and all that. Interesting fact: He is a master of Brasillian Jiu Jistsu. I take it all back, Terry, I take it all back. If Terry Crews was an animal he'd be He played Frank. Best known for playing: Emmett, a supporting vampire in the Twilight Saga, but also the meatier Hercules in The Legend of Hercules Biggest flop: A Nightmare on Elm Street — this remake was called "garishly incompetent" by the Telegraph.

Interesting fact: The beefy Lutz, who is a Calvin Klein model as well as an actor, attributes his rockin' bod to a naturally active lifestyle. He did an estimated press-ups a day while filming Hercules to keep his muscles popping. Somehow he also managed to fit in a few takes.

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First film appearance: Luna in The Expendables 3, unless you count various on-screen appearances as herself from onwards. Interesting fact: She became the first American female medallist in Olympic judo history when she pocketed bronze in Beijing First film appearance: The Expendables 3.

So he was probably alright at boxing, then.

A group of elite mercenaries known as the Expendables, are deployed to Somalia, to halt local pirates from executing some hostages. With moral disagreements over hanging a pirate, Yang and Jensen have a brief fight, only for Ross to intervene. In the aftermath, Ross reluctantly releases Jensen from the Expendables due to psychological problems.

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If Sylvester Stallone Is Expendable, Then 'The Expendables 4' Is Doomed

Busy with other things, Mauser gives the contract to Ross. Sandra is revealed to be Garza's daughter. Ross then decides to abort, and causes casualties among the army as they escape, but feels guilt for leaving Sandra behind. During vital points in the film, it is revealed that Munroe controls the actions of Garza, in exchange for Garza's wealth. Jensen and a number of Munroe's men tail Ross and Yang, instigating a shoot-out during a car chase.

Just as the pursuit ends in an abandoned warehouse, Yang and Jensen fight each other a second time. Jensen eventually gets the upper hand and attempts to impale Yang on a pipe, only for Ross to shoot him. Believing that he is going to die from his gunshot wound, Jensen gives the layout of Garza's palace to Ross.

The Expendables then infiltrate Garza's compound, with Ross bent on rescuing Sandra while Christmas, Yang, Caesar, and Road plant explosive charges throughout the site. When Garza has a change of heart, Munroe kills him. Ross briefly rescues Sandra, only for Sandra to be re-captured by Munroe. The entire team fights and shoots their way through scores of Garza's henchmen.

Ross and Christmas catch up to Munroe and manage to kill him, saving Sandra. The film ends with the team celebrating their victory at the bar of former teammate Tool Mickey Rourke , with the reformed Jensen and Yang having reconciled with each other and Lee and Tool challenging each other to a game of knife throwing. Before his final throw, Lee recites a poem about his respect for Tool, who he claims cannot beat him in knife throwing as he walks outside of the bar before turning to make his throw, which lands perfectly in the middle of the screen, implying that it landed at the center of the board.

They then ride off on their motorcycles. Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross - Stallone sustained 14 injuries making this movie including breaking a tooth, rupturing his ankle and getting a hairline fracture in his neck that required the surgical insertion of a metal plate. He also had bronchitis and shingles during the shoot. This is Li's third film with Jason Statham.

They previously starred in The One and War. Lundgren said this film is "an old-school, kick-ass action movie where people are fighting with knives and shooting at each other.

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