My Shoshana: A Fathers Journey Through Loss

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Rafael Grossman was the successful rabbi of a prominent synagogue, the president of his state's rabbinical council, and the dean of a Hebrew Day School when his teenage daughter Shoshana became ill. Shoshana, vibrant and energetic, a delight to her parents and everyone around her, died at the age of seventeen.

My Shoshana: A Father’s Journey Through Loss

After her death, Rabbi Grossman was sure that he would never regain his faith in God or his joy in living. But as the years went by, he began to understand how Jews throughout history managed to sustain hope in the wake of personal and communal calamities. He penned this heartfelt letter to Shoshana as an expression of his love, and his never-ending sorrow, but also of his sense of renewal.

And the recognition, that with our memories, no one is truly lost to us. Keep up the good work by forwarding this to families in need of help. We have some wonderful articles once again.

Christopher Willow presents: interview with Shoshana Feinstein : Suwałki Blues Festival

It's good to see that dads are joining the bandwagon and are willing to share their stories. By the way, if you have a particular interest in writing an article, please let me know. There will be an August newsletter, but I am taking the month of September off to regroup, rest, and visit family in Mississippi and Ohio.

If you LIKE this issue please. Jeannine's Story. In May of , life seemed good On May 2, , my granddaughter Brianna was born. My daughter Jeannine, Brianna's mother, was at 18 and content with the way her life was going. I had two wonderful sons who were thriving well in school. I had been happily married for 20 years and was firmly entrenched in my job.

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I was officially awarded my master's degree in social work on May 19, On May 26, , everything went horribly wrong. Jeannine was diagnosed with cancer. Continue reading Would you like to share your story? You never know how many parents like yourself you will be helping. I f you are interested please contact me. Thank you.

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On August 27th , a beautiful summer's day, my life would be changed forever. Jack wandered off from me whilst I was in the kitchen and I found him face down in our garden pond.

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Somewhere in my mid-twenties I made the conscious decision to live my life in service to Spirit. I embarked on the spiritual path and have never looked back. My husband and I have started a nonprofit which focuses on Compassion - dedicated to helping children and their caregivers move through the grieving process as they connect to their own powerful spirit. I believe the seeds of this new ministry started with a shocking experience I had, that has changed and inspired me forever.

What was the experience that changed me forever? My dog died. At first it sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

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Shoshana Grossman died at age 17, leaving her parents immeasurably saddened and shaken - if not in their faith, then in the belief that they would ever be joyful again. Shoshana's father Rabbi Rafael Grossman, author of My Shoshana: A Father's Journey Through Loss , says that now, some 40 years later, he and his wife Shirley have learned to rejoice in life's goodness. He wrote the book "to deliver this message of hope, that as excruciating as the pain and grief may be, we honor our deceased love ones by showing the strength to re-emerge into all of life, with its joys and challenges.

I remember the dates, times and places. It was a beautiful August 2nd morning, at our local hospital. I was interrupted in my thoughts by my daughter saying, "Mom, hello?? The technician said once again, "and what number of pregnancy is this for you? Weeks later, I was awakened by a phone call from my daughter saying that she had started bleeding. We went to the hospital. She indeed had miscarried the baby. Best Mom By Keri Singleton. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter.

While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all of us will taste it. And we can, if we choose, know as well the grace that transforms it.