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Funny x 1. Anonymous Okay, let's turn this around. An Irish guy telling us what is British or not?!

Morrissey - Who Put The 'M' In Manchester? | Discogs

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Morrissey's left nut When was the last time that Morrissey's head was on a pillow in Manchester for longer than a night? It's not his home anymore, and the people who live there have freedom of speech to express he's not welcome anymore. Funny, a rich elderly white man like Morrissey howling on about nationalism and immigration, yet never taking a moment to reflect on the fact that he can live wherever the hell he pleases thanks to his privilege. You could say he's a perpetual immigrant himself. Close the borders to Morrissey.

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The two literally go 'hand in glove', as you will discover whilst reading about Manchester's past and the life of the band. Has any other band been so inspired by their hometown as much as The Smiths? It's as if they could never have been formed anywhere else in the world. By the mids, however, the estate had still failed to eliminate the social problems of the area.

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Drug gangs moved in, attracted by its proximity to the city centre and the maze of pedestrianised streets that made it easy to shake-off police. Residents began to move away and Ancoats was once again almost completely uninhabited.


The project turned warehouse-blocks of appalling neglect into record stores, rehearsal spaces, bars and, ultimately, housing. This 21st-century regeneration may be more aesthetically pleasing than its previous Cardroom Estate incarnation, but many of the same problems linger in this most post-industrial of neighbourhoods. In , Manchester Central station was closed as part of the Beeching cuts , and for the next 13 years it stood empty. In , the structure had been purchased by the council as it became clear the city needed a major concert venue.

The Manchester of Morrissey isn’t so miserable now

As for the Lesser Free Trade Hall, that once-so-rebellious punk venue was gutted and reopened in keeping just the original front facade intact as a Radisson Blu Hotel. The people I come across in the area are very different now. Just a rented room in Whalley Range. In the 80s this formerly wealthy suburb was another struggling inner-city neighbourhood, characterised by economic decline and a burgeoning red-light district that pushed out many of its remaining long-term residents.