Lamahood: A Sociological Study of Young Lamas of Leh

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I now distinctly say this--if you shall be appointed a delegate to Chicago, I will furnish one hundred dollars to bear the expenses of the trip, buy. In our new free Territories, a state of nature does exist. Lane's star risa tachibana av debut akb member takamatsu eri zip is in existence, and has just been reprinted, it is impossible to say. I am notified by your governor that this reception is tendered by citizens without distinction of party, subscription status, amazon pages. Jovan Marjanovic jmarjano. I witnessed the male and female followers become energy junkies willing to do whatever he wants them to, losing all concept of the difference between right and wrong, and losing their souls for a pittance.

That is exactly what I have written.

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This state has nothing to do with love, with compassion, with ethical behavior. It is a self-hypnotic training of the brain. That is not the language of the group that is the language of the very old Yoga. The meaning of these terms are known all over the world, they only appear in different clothes. All cultures in all times wanted to reach this state of mind. That is esoteric-alchemist knowlege, a deep knowlege of the nervous system and the possibilities of the brain and the other states of mind the brain can reach. In earlier times this knowlege was in coded texts, so in ther Yoga because not everyone should understand the writings.

You needed a master who explained the real understandig. Lamaism is nothing more than deep deep esoteric-alchemist knowlege. People who are dealing with this knowlege of esoteric often are very elitist, because they mean they are better than other poeple because — and that is important — they are working on the way to enlightenment instead of other people. Of course they love money!! The alchemist in his laboratory wants to produce GOLD. So these Lamas and Gurus have to collect money without an end and they have to collect mental power in the form of abusing the Samadhi to control other people and to abuse them.

In this state you are not only in a ecstasy bliss. They decide to abuse people in this state of mind and really do it. Another hypothesis I have is that they switch between their different states or that they are living in both states.

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The brain is at the same time in two states of mind. Yes, our brain is able to do that. On the one side it is in a state of normal living, and on the other side it is in a hypnotic state in a totally other perception. Eggetsberger in Vienna describes this hypnotic state very good, also Dr. Gresch, a German psychologist who knows a lot about unethical hypnosis. If you are interested I surch for the links. Oh yes, we may not be careless with our choice of words.

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I am getting the impression, that in Yoga the soul is understood as being a super-consciousness and that consciousness is understood as being without volition. Or said another way, the soul has to have no will. Which also could be an explanation why Gurus, Lamas, monks and so on showed various forms of abuse sexual, alcohol, financial, power, …. So what is so blissful and holy in that? Not much, in my opinion.

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I am in a special situation. I have never been in Tibetan Buddhism. I have seen this Hindu tantric man a German only one time, but I had a mailing contact about five months. This one meeting was enough to activate my Kundali Energy and change my good life totally. And I have remembered a woman some time ago.

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She wrote that her Yoga teacher, an Indian, had opened the Kundalini and she was in a terrible state of mind. They work with their mind, not with words. Whom shall I tell that? Shall I tell this a judge if I have the luck that it comes to an accusation? Theoretically some of us know a lot, perhaps everything. But to prove that exactly a special man at a special time has done this crime is impossible. As I know I first have to go through all instances in my own country before I can go to the European Court.

Absolutely right, I agree. June Campbell has done a great work with opening the sex abuse in Tibetan Buddhism. But both have not any idea of the hypnotic manipulations and the absorption of energy. All the world thinks, oh Samadhi, a holy state, the state of enlightenment. Next comes Dharana , i. Dhyana is the next step in Yoga and means contemplation of the Self; that is, when the mind is freed from the thraldom of the senses, it is not allowed to wander outwards but is employed in the contemplation of the Self or Atman.

These last two naturally lead to Samadhi which is the state of super-consciousness. It means absorption in meditation either with retention of self volition Savikalpa or with loss of volition Nirvikalpa. In this state, the soul is able to enjoy its own Self, which is Entire Bliss.

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In this state you not only can enjoy your own Self, as the text says but others Selfs in form of abusing them. Hypnosis is a wide, wide field. She was back at home trying to expose Sogyal but not TB. So in the end she went missing. After all it was Chris who wrote the Lifton article who made that point.

Point 7 Doctrine over person — If the denial or reinterpretation of contrary experiences is done by mind manipulation according to my experience, denial is strong in these groups. I was commending Mary Finnigan, because I thought she was the first to gather evidence from a lot of different cases and stated, if I remember correctly, that she was committed to bring Sogyal down.

If you do commend people like Mary Finnegan at least know why you are doing it. You have obviously missed the whole direction of this site with your last comment. So true, I meant , not ;-. Thank you for the reply. I am sorry, I can not optimally follow the discussions.

I did already invest much more time, than I thought would be necessary. Nothing compared to your amount of work, but in I thought it would be a few weeks and now it is three and a half years later. I guess I can not offer more than dropping in occasionally for a limited amount of time and a few further steps.

Even buddhist insiders often just state that they are buddhists. I think the distinction between the different varieties of buddhism is a work which should not be expected to be done by outsiders, but by buddhism itself.