Ill Eat Andrew : an album of Parodies of song favorites

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Howdy Do! Songs of the Urban Cowpoke by Hopalong Andrew.

Greg D. Purchasable with gift card. Back in the City Again Tyrannosaurus Night at the Museum Thank God I'm a City Boy The Yodeling Ranger of Central Park Broadway was a Native American Trail Ice Cream Dude Jingle, Jangle Buffalo, Buffalo Home on the Town Bring Back My Cowgirl to Me Here are 12 of the most famous and beloved songs of the Urban Cowpoke, compiled together for the first time on this brand-new family western folk album that celebrates city life through the fun, fantastical figure of Hopalong Andrew, urban cowpoke.

Hopalong Andrew will celebrate the release of Howdy Do! Hopalong Andrew sings clever and whimsical cowboy songs about city life performed in the great tradition of the American West. His mission is to celebrate all aspects of city life and nature, while paying homage to the singing cowboys and folk singers of yesteryear. His high-spiritedmusic is meant for the whole family to enjoy, city-slickers and tenderfoots alike. He loved the contrast between the urban and natural environments that he witnessed every day and began adapting rural music to city life.

Each of the 12 songs on Howdy Do! Paul Loren vocal stylings on 3, 8, 11, Tags country cowboy family kids new york city western New York. November 14, Question: I hear you are a fisherman. It was very cool. November 7, Question: Hi Huey, Australian fan of 23 years here. What caused the split? Alex Answer: We simply got a better offer from Warners. No hard feelings.

Because lets face it, your songs howling through the summer air by the boardwalk is exactly how it was meant to be heard. Chris McKinley — Neptune, N. Answer: We played the Stone Pony at least once, and maybe twice in the early days. October 10, Question: I am a long-time fan and have seen you in concert multiple times — every chance I get. As a resident and huge lover of the Bay Area, I would love to see the lyrics to this adaptation again. I remember it well however. Some of those tracks would benefit from modern production values and perhaps the addition of your horn section. John has rerecorded a full album of Clover stuff although mostly stuff from before Sean and I joined , and is preparing to mix it and release it this year I believe.

Adam Duchesne Answer: Apparently, it was a story not told really well. The idea was meant to be ironic. A friend or a relative maybe? Somehow that song always spoke to me. Martin Willer Answer: Not really.

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It was an amalgam of a lot of characters around in those days. September 12, Question: I was wondering if you guys would ever consider doing an all A Capella concert tour? Has Marc Russo ever played with you guys since that time? He plays with the Doobie Brothers, and they are friends of ours. When we work together he sits in. August 29, Question: This is a two-part question. Clint J. So my question is, will you ever release a remastered version? Great song.

Thanks a lot. And did you like it being a sports fan? I attended an Ipswich match with Mutt Lange in … It was very cool. Have you released it? If not, then why not? I noticed on his bio it stated that he sometimes fills in for Steph. If that happens, do you typically announce that on your website? Chris Hayes update, please!! We still write together, and have a couple things in the works. June 13, Question: What was the name of the song Bob Dylan gave you to record, and you chose not to? He was an incredible performer, writer, singer, and person … taught me a lot.

I knew him quite well, played on two of his solo albums, and was in the middle of producing three tracks for him when he passed away.

A Few of the Testimonies, Parody Song Lyrics of Julie Andrews, "My Favorite Things"

Very sad. He was one of the best performers I ever saw. Is there any truth to that recollection, or was it just the result of my excessive pot smoking back then? Dave Eiffert Answer: Both. I vaguely remember that too. May 16, Question: Although you are still turning out some great music and I remain a huge fan — you had such a run at top 10 hits and then, as with some other bands — kind of fade away from the hit chart. Mike — Nova Scotia Answer: Good question. BUT, we have several yes, several new songs in production, and I think they are really good! During my recovery, I stopped in at the base club and there was someone singing Heart of Rock and Roll and a number of your other tunes.

I was thinking, these guys a really good! Was that you? Dennis Disney Answer: Nope.

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Too bad, cause it would be a great story! May 2, Question: My name is Noel Bailey.

ONE GUY, 54 VOICES (With Music!) Drake, TØP, P!ATD, Puth, MCR, Queen - Famous Singer Impressions

Your concert was the first major concert of my life. I was born in and remember seeing you in Michigan in an outside venue. I remember sitting in the grass watching you and the News. Asleep At The Wheel opened for you. Any idea what year it was? I just caught your concert last night at Downstream Casino and loved every minute of it. Your harp playing was great and the News is tighter than ever!!! Your band is one of the reasons I wanted to play music in my life… Your guitar players are some of the best!!!

'Weird Al' Yankovic's 10 Funniest Songs: 'Eat It,' 'Pretty Fly For a Rabbi' & More

My big question is I am thinking about getting into fly fishing any tips you can give me? Also what is your favorite way to cook trout. Noel Bailey Answer: Thanks, for your kind words. Do we need an EP? Twelve is awful tough. What I think you do is you record a song and you film yourself doing it and put it on YouTube.

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  4. How did that come about? Matt Wittman Answer: I loved his first record and directed my agent to see if he wanted to open for us … we probably did 30 — 40 dates together … still one of our favorite tours. April 4, Question: Hello from Alaska. I have found that living here has been a bit of a challenge with the dryness in the air and my singing is often affected by it.

    Do you find it difficult to adjust to the different humidity levels when on tour? If so, what do you use to help your chords from having a melt-down? Traci Odom — Anchorage, AK Answer: Lack of humidity is definitely tough on the voice … I take steam baths in a steam room rather regularly … 20 minutes in a steam room, and a couple hours of voice rest quiet , can do wonders.

    March 28, Question: Hello, one of my favorite albums from any band or artist is Small World. I was listening to it the other day and wondered if you had any memories that stand out from recording it. Matt Wittman Answer: I have great memories of that album, but one of my favorites was watching Stan Getz play his solo a couple times in the studio.

    It was a master class in musicianship.