How To Reach Your Goals By Ditching Your Excuses

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We've heard them all:. The problem is, out of the vast, overwhelming number of these excuses, there is no good reason NOT to train. The key to consistency is not motivation, or willpower, it's simply discipline. Today, that may not be the case for you. That's ok. Let's get started right now. Don't wait until the New Year. Start today. Clear an hour on your schedule, and get started. Refer back to the first ten episodes for the basic overview of how to train if needed.

It will be painful at first -- not the workout itself, but getting yourself to actually do it -- but string along enough workouts and it will simply become a new habit.

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You may even find you start to enjoy it. Need a good coach to help guide you through training? Visit our friends at Starting Strength Online Coaching to get paired with a top notch Starting Strength Coach who will coach you through all the barbell lifts and manage your programming on a daily basis.

Hosted by Dr. He also hosts content experts on everything involving fitness and health. Whether you're just getting started on your journey to fitness and health or you're a pro, 40fit Radio has something to offer you!

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What is 40fit? Dec 21, Everyone's got one, and they all stink. Starting Strength Online Coaching Need a good coach to help guide you through training? You can also check out a potential advisor with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority via its online Broker Check tool. However, even a financial advisor can't be with you every day. Winnie Sun, founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners, has a few tips for saving more and spending less, including using financial apps to help you.

If you're spending more than you should, you likely are racking up credit card debt, and that is costing you more money in interest. If that's the case, make a plan to cut down your debt by paying off more of your card balances or checking out other options such as a debt consolidation loan or balance transfer credit card that might save you additional money on interest. Excuse 5: No worries, I'm already saving. But are you … really? So what should you be doing to combat that? We mentioned it before — automate. Direct deposit, automatic k plan contributions or an account transfer every month will help you stash away money on a regular basis.

Ditching the Excuses in 4 Goals for a more Productive Year Anna-Danigelis Anna Danigelis

It's never too early or too late to start saving and making the most of your money, so you have it for a rainy day and to secure your future. Editor's note: This article originally appeared as part of an Experian blog post.

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There are some parts of your life — financial or otherwise — that might be unpleasant to talk about but could have an impact on your financial plan. Uncle Sam would shave tens of millions of dollars off the windfall before it even reaches the winner.

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If you're asking Uncle Sam for more time to turn in your Form , you're not alone. Here's who's likely to request an extension. If you are looking for a way to pay less to the IRS, think outside the box when it comes to deductions. In a world of big box retail and e-commerce, successful business owners are taking new paths to Main Street success. Cutting across various industries and the public sector, CNBC's Technology Executive Council offers insight on pressing issues facing tech.

In an era of rapid technological advances and demographic change, how do legacy companies adapt, innovate and evolve?

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Data also provided by. Markets Pre-Markets U. It's time to ditch these 5 excuses and start saving now Start by putting your goals in writing: Set a goal, then decide how much you'll put toward it each month and for how long.

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Afraid of market volatility? Dip your toe in investing waters with safer bets, such as indexed annuities or modified endowment contracts. Ellen Sirull, senior manager of content at Experian Consumer Services. Getty Images. Instead, try to think of it as a tool for being able to afford the life you want. Advisor Insight Don't hide these things from your financial advisor. Here's the tax bite. These people won't have their taxes ready by April Here are 5 quirky tax deductions you may not know about.

More From Advisor Insight Target-date funds are getting more personal. Following these 4 tips can help shield you from tax return fraud.