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Video 5. Enjoyed all the articles, reviews and letters. My favorite piece was the interview with Aron Kincaid.

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King Ghidorah Running time: variable. Distributed by???

In Conversation With... Evan Rachel Wood - TIFF 2018

It may be cruel of us to review this video, since, if you should be favorably impressed and wish to view it. Furthermore, we have it on very reliable rumor that there are at least two versions floating around: one of 45 minute length, and another one closer to three hours I The longer version may come from somewhere on the east coast The copy we've seen is about 45 minutes in length.

Reportedly some fan in San Diego put this together.

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It has four segments: 1. A talk show taped directly off Japanese television, with members of the cast talking about the making of the movie. Entertainment Tonight's coverage Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, showing some of the behind the scenes footage. And finally, the Japanese theatrical trailer for Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. All this is on the 45 minute version we've seen.

Word is that the longer version contains all this footage, plus another two hours of talk shows. Unless you speak Japanese, this would probably be of little interest. The 45 minute version is just right.

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The talk show footage we saw does go on for quite a while, but includes a nice amount of behind the scenes footage showing just how those great Toho FX were done. A guy in a monster suit clomping along the plywood floor of a studio set, with cameramen, puppeteers, and pyrotechnicians yelling at each other, does not have the same effect as it has in the finished product with editing, music and monster roars to bring it all together.

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But this revealing footage is fascinating, and in no way diminished our admiration and respect for what these myth makers have been able to bring to the screen over the years. How these two idiots conned their way onto the airwaves is a great mystery of broadcasting history. They've been at least accused of some rather despicable acts on their own radio show, and were allowed to bring their lack of charm and wit to television via an ongoing package of Godzilla movies on Channel 9 in Los Angeles.

This is real hip. For a showing of Godzilla vs. They bill him as. Saperstein kind of plays along with this, somehow forgetting about some guy named Joseph Levine. Henry Saperstein carries impressive enough status as it is. One wouldn't think it necessary to Juggle known history to add importance to a talk-show guest. Henry suffers another lapse of memory by claiming the innovation of making Big G a good guy.

Apparently Henry had not seen his own film in quite some time, and was not watching it with the hosts that day, since Godzilla is strictly a badass, at his absolute meanest in Godzilla vs. The Thing. In the films Saperstein had a hand in. Godzilla is never the revised kiddies pal that he later became in Son Of Godzilla or Godzilla vs.

The Smog Monster. He has some interesting comments to make about it, and the new state of the art Godzilla films of today. With all this, the video Making Of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is a nicely thrown-together documentary. Haunt movie dealers conventions or underground video stores. Fleshpot On 42 nd St. With Lynn Flanagan. Diana Lewis.

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Bob Walters. Produced by William Mishkin. The tenements, the whore bars, the all-nite coffee shops full of midnight creatures, waiting for friends. And this, of course, is a love story. The late exploitation master Andy Milligan [Blood Thirsty Butchers , spins a trashy tale of what passes for survival and camaraderie amongst the half-hour-wives and husbands of the Big Apple — rotten to the core in This is a thoroughly professional Job, and one so starkly real that it is difficult to imagine it being scripted!

September 13, 12222

The trannie, Lynne Flanagan in the role of "Cherry Lane. Bob is portrayed by a young Harry Reems, billed here under the stage name of Bob Walters. His romance with Dusty ends abruptly when he gets mowed down by a speeding car. A happy ending? This print from Something Weird Video carries the spliced in title.

Girls On 42nd Street. This wouldn't have been one-tenth as riveting had it been shot in a studio. But the locations are all painfully real, filled with hatred, sorrow, and indifference no set designer could hope to provide. Dir by Dale Berry. A film with just the right amount of ineptitude to be a big hilarious ball.

conmiasephelptan.gq But Passion In The Sun is a delightfully absurd little no-brainer that the whole gang will love. Shot almost entirely outdoors in and around Galveston, Texas in , the film is a free for all of busty go-go girls, international spy intrigue, a weird circus freak, and an unintentionally amusing old bag who manages a shut-down circus. The people in Passion In The Sun do not respond to things that motivate normal human beings. Why does a young dancer, after being beaten half-to-death by two spies, escape into the woods with the goons in hot pursuit, only to remove her bra and panties and start doing aqua ballet in a muddy, uncomfortable looking pond of water?

A rap on the door brings the hefty old crone popping out like a jack-in-the- box. Then she scrambles back inside and slams the door. Why is she always, always, always inside there? The thin plot line makes no sense, and there is no real resolution to the trumped up mystery of a secret brief case. The thing simply concludes — with another topless dance number.

Invite the gang over for beer and pretzels, and put on Passion In The Sun. The things he says and does are so far beyond normalcy! Cameraman "Edward Miller" should have been shot for those constant zooms and Jerky pans from nothing to nothing.

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The writing and acting is astoundlngjy bad. Black Dragons. With Bela Lugosi.

I Want To…

Concocted in , shortly after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Monogram quickie spins an absurd tale of espionage and revenge, with Nazi plastic surgeon Bela Lugosi as the main ingredient holding the plot together. The film shows real crazy stuff such as Japanese secret agents infiltrating American military. All for the end result of ruining our economy and eventually ending up owning our whole country. Black Dragons is full of all sorts of far out stufflike that — things that could not have happened way back then, and most certainly could never happen now, in the s.