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To help prevent bus driver burnout, give passenger-interaction training. Top Bus Fleets Survey: Transit works to boost ridership, services. Transit tech now in national security discussions. Charging tech key to bringing urban air mobility to the masses.

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What to do with legacy systems — maintain, replace, migrate or integrate. More White Papers.

New MIMO antenna for transit. Bus warranty service. Driver seats.

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What's your dream public transit system? Bay Area residents look into the future | KALW

The modifications performed by MS-RT are mostly cosmetic, with the bulk of the exterior changes coming from a custom-designed and manufactured body kit and OZ Racing wheels. Inside, things get fancier than you'd expect for a Transit, with upgraded materials like Nappa leather and suede as well as a few MS-RT-specific touches like a redesigned steering wheel made of carbon fiber.

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It's not a high-strung exotic powertrain, but despite looking cool, these are still meant to be used as vans. Unfortunately, it looks like the MS-RT vans are only available in the UK, and that means our dreams of blasting around town in a superaggressive little van with a manual gearbox are never going to be fulfilled. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Therefore, we need to build more capacity in order to tap into this alleged latent demand. If you build it, they will come. Steven Polzin of the University of South Florida, coauthor with Alan Pisarski of the highly influential Commuting in America series , yesterday published a devastating critique of Field of Dreams transit theology.

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Polzin notes:. An often-cited constraint on the growth of public transit has been the assertion of resource constraints for providing the quality of service that would be attractive to more travelers who have other options. While transit supply remains well below the aspirational levels of many transit users and transit advocates, the data in the graph below indicates that supply has grown far more rapidly than demand for the past several decades.


This is a report card on productivity that mom and dad would hardly be proud of. And a larger share of the ridership has moved to more capital intensive and larger vehicle capacity rail systems.