Drawing the Moon

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I do not have a drive on my telescope so I move it with my head or my free hand, my knee or what ever it takes to follow my target over the time I am attempting to capture it in a sketch. I had been finding it difficult to distinguish the grey tones in the dark and have taken to using a candle in a storm lamp just to choose my colours.

How To Draw Down the Moon

I keep it at my feet and just hold the pastels or conte down to it to see what I am picking. Sometimes I use a headlight especially if I am doing fine details.

Drawing Down The Moon

I have done most of my best work using it and found it a great addition. My way of going about lunar sketching is about layering and or removing pastel or conte crayon.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing the Moon

I first lay down some grey areas to more or less mark the positions of the maria. Then over layer with a brighter pastel to begin the highland areas.

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I etch out craters with a toothpick or metal needle. I dull the clean line of the moons limb to begin the effect of Earthshine.

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If I want to bring emphasis to a brightly lit crater like Proclus or Tycho I lay down a large thick area of white pastel in that place I then overlay it with grey pastel, then I use a wooden toothpick to scrape in the rays and reveal some of the white beneath I top up the white ray with more pastel and then use a blending stick to soften the ray and then sometimes a very thin pencil line to emphasise one side of the ray and pop it out a bit I discovered by accident that a wet toothpick is great for making very black craters and lines.

Some water colour pencils are very hard if not used as they are meant to be used.

Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America

They also make very clean black lines over the pastel. You do not see it so much in smaller area sketches that take less time. Sarah Mackenzie. Ralph Masiello has been leading our Read-Aloud Revival Premium members in drawing workshops, and he recently joined us to draw space-themed scenes.

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  • Pssst… RAR Premium Members, remember you can access all 10 of the videos from the space drawing workshop now. This tutorial is ideal for kids age Ralph leads our younger kids through drawing a simple spaceship:. Ralph leads our older kids through drawing the Saturn V Rocket that launched the Apollo missions.

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